About HungrySeacow Software

HungrySeacow Software was founded in 2006 with the goal to provide the Macintosh community great software at fantastic prices. Everything about HSS is focused on great-looking, easy-to-use applications.

My name is Ken, I am the founder of HungrySeacow Software. In 2005 I was a network/computer engineer working for an e-commerce company. My specialty was Windows Server. I purchased my first Mac and fell in love with it. In the summer I quit my job with an idea that seemed far-fetched at that time: I decided to write software for the Mac.

I chose a recipe management app because I had finally moved out of my parents' house and found that I love to cook. I desired a way to integrate my passion for cooking with my newfound passion for programming. Living off my savings I taught myself simple programming and moved up the ladder quickly to Objective-C in the context of Apple's Cocoa frameworks. After several months I started the first build of YummySoup! on March 29, 2006. In the summer I nearly quit, discouraged that what I had created could not compete with other applications. I decided to push myself harder and somehow I managed to rewrite a few major parts of the program. In January 2007 I released version 1.0.

HungrySeacow Software is my full-time job. I don't see how I could do it otherwise. The YummySoup! community knows that I am very receptive to suggestions. At times I spend more time communicating with users than on programming. I try to listen to users' ideas, keep the prices down, and promise users that the product they buy will continue to evolve and surpass expectations. From the beginning I knew that I wanted HungrySeacow Software to be the type of company that I would want to do business with. Since version 1.0 was released YummySoup! has evolved considerably. Back then I never would have imagined I would be able to take YummySoup! as far as I have. Now it seems that the sky is the limit. I truly love programming and with the success that YummySoup! has been, I don't imagine I'll ever stop.