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User Comments

  • My wife and I have been away from cooking for quite a while now due to travel, diets, and other aspects of life. But I keep updating Yummy Soup! regularly. Well, after quite a while, I'm back in the kitchen and I can hardly believe how great your program is now. You're an idea monster with the technical ability to carry them out. It's functional, beautiful, and it makes me want to cook. Thank you for a terrific program. - Jack C.
  • I don't know where to begin. The web import is slick, fun and saves me oodles of time. The interface remains uncluttered, easy to use and very intuitive. My laptop is in my kitchen every night while I use Yummy soup to make dinners. Yummy soup makes collecting and USING recipes easy. - Daniel C.
  • Beautiful. Cry worthy. Sexy. Okay I’m being a bit dramatic. But seriously it’s so cool! - Sara
  • Ok I gotta say I'm kind of floored right now. I've been in the computer field, beta tester you name it for a number of years and I have never had the developer respond in such a personal manner or with such speed. Wow! - Denise F.
  • I love love love yummy soup!! thanks so much for making this little soldier's heart so happy with a recipe program!! - Cassandra J.
  • I just wanted to tell you that YummySoup! is a great product and it keeps getting better. Love, love, love version 2. - Laurie

  • You know, you have developed a fantastic application here. I've used computers for 35 years, and this app is one of my favorites. The recent addition of the web importer is fantastic! I love the ease with which I can search a site for a recipe and then import it. - Rick H.

  • Just bought Yummy Soup and already having a great time collecting recipes. You have the best full screen display for the kitchen that I have seen. - Marshall E.

  • I just love your new version of yummy soup! I especially like the new weekly menu planner. Thanks again for a great product. I couldn't live without it! - Shelly D.

  • I'm am really enjoying your latest versions of Yummy Soup, especially the ability to add more than one photo per recipe. Thank you for putting so much work into this product. I use it daily! - Elizabeth B.

  • I'm devoted to your program. Can't wait for the iPhone app! - Susan F.

  • I just wanted to say thanks for the excellent work, updates, and quality of service that you provide. Outstanding!! - Joe N.

  • The new imports work great, I've purchased my full license, and am encouraging friends and family to do the same. I'm hooked! Keep up the great work... - Kurt B.

  • I absolutely love the YummySoup! program...it's the only program I've EVER actually bought after the trial runs out, so keep it up! - Amie P.

  • I love the interface and how it automatically does the Drag and Drop entry. I also love how it works like some other Apple applications such as "Smart Lists". Thank you! Thank you for writing a great piece of software. - Ron M.

  • I have been having a great time with your program! Your program is much more user friendly.....Love it! - Karen C.

  • OMG, AnySite importer is amazing!! Awesome work! - Tony V.

  • Kudos! Keep up the good work .... it is always exciting to open YummySoup! and find the new additions you keep adding to this wonderful program. Thank you for your efforts. - Aaron S.

  • I just wanted to let you know that the improvements you have made regarding importing recipes that are from text documents or by dragging selections into the ingredients and directions screens is amazing! This improvement has made things so much easier to bring my collection of text only recipes into Yummy Soup and back into use again. It is great to see in such a short time such huge improvements. - Nicole S.

  • Great work on an excellent app. You show great commitment to the design characteristics that make Mac apps easy to learn and fun to use. Keep up the good work. - Chris M.

  • Any site importer is super great - you should charge for this update. I love this program. - Frank L.

  • I am really looking forward to working with YummySoup. I am amazed at how advanced and user-friendly it is...even the registration!....drag and drop...its great :) Thanks for building it! - Maureen M.

  • I tried a few other programs before this one (connoisseur, mac gourmet etc.) and the web recipe importer and how easy it was to use sold me on Yummy Soup. - Sher R

  • As the primary cook in our household, I was looking for an easy way to organize all of my recipes and Yummy Soup is it. It is truly a pleasure to use. - Lee S

  • YummySoup is the most awesome recipe program I have ever seen. - Warren T.

  • Wonderful! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I simply love YummySoup! A feature I especially like is the auto import from the web / Anysite Web Importer, it works perfectly. - Jacques B.

  • Hey, Ken... I have been meaning to let you know that your updates to Yummy since Leopard are WONDERFUL! Thanks so much for your hard work on this really great program. I really love it, and may finally accomplish my goal of getting all my favorite recipes digitalized. Great job! - Ginnie F.

  • We've spent a little more than 30 minutes with ver 1.62 and I have to say this app is great! I'm amazed, I've never seen a recipe program do anything like this. Importing recipes from your approved recipe .com list is outstanding! - Mike D.

  • I love what you have done with YummySoup!. You are to be congratulated, with each release I am more impressed. - Caili

  • Thanks. I LOVE the way you do auto import from web sites. Thanks! - Rick H.

  • Love the software! Just purchased my license. I'm also a programmer/designer and love to cook! - Marlee B.

  • So this is wonderful. And I copy so many recipes from the web. To just pput in the address and have this program do the rest is phenomenal! And it even spell checks!! - Jeanne

  • YummySoup is awesome. Hands down, it's my favorite app to use on my Mac (I'm a networking guy for a big company, and a photographer, so for you to beat out SSH and Photoshop, that's pretty cool if you ask me). Cooking's a hobby and a love, so to combine that with something so easy and fun to use, dude I'm thrilled. My Mom taught me to cook, and I've taught her over the years about computers. So, when we got her a Mac late last year, YummySoup was the first 3rd party app I loaded on it. She loves it, too. - Jehan A.

  • Thank you for such a great application that not only looks clean and beautiful but works well. - Liz P.

  • I must tell you - I absolutely LOVE the YummySoup program. Absolutely spectacular! - David G.

  • I just wanted to drop an note say what a great App you have here. My wife is a new Mac user, and she is thrilled with the ease of use of YummySoup!. She loves being able to import her favorite recipes from sites like Allrecipes and Martha Stewart. She goes on and on about not ever having something like this on Windows. - Jerry M.

  • Without a doubt one of the best pieces of software I have seen yet! I really have to compliment you that YummySoup! is just a superbly designed piece of software. Crisp, clean elegant and with superb features taking advantage of OSX. - Randal E.

  • This is the greatest program I've ever seen for recipes... Hell for anything for that matter. It's seamless, and unbelievably useful. - Justin M.

  • First thanks for all your hard work. I use this program every day and couldn't live without it. I recommend it to any one who will listen. - Frank L.